Viaggia in sicurezza

Travel safely with ClimbingWeek!

Despite the difficulties of this last period we are working hard to allow you to enjoy your holiday in complete tranquility and safety.

Below you will find out why traveling safely with us at ClimbingWeek is possible!


We have decided to include comprehensive insurance to all our packages, which includes a full refund (no voucher) in the event of cancellation due to Covid.

You can also receive a full refund for health, personal, business or extraordinary reasons.


On this holiday we will spend most of the time immersed in nature between woods and crags, thus far away from the crowded cities and contagious areas.

This in and of itself seems to us a great way to avoid Covid.


Our staff is subjected to periodic checks and testing, to give you maximum peace of mind.

For the same reason we ask all participants to carry out a Covid-19 test in the seventy-two hours prior to departure.


All our facilities will be cleaned and sanitized before your arrival, as well as all the material and equipment we own.

Obviously, we have made sure that the partners who collaborate with us in the various additional activities offered, also maintain the same standards of cleanliness and hygiene.


Travel safely” is one of the key points of our vacation packages!

For further doubts contact us.