Italy – Ossola Comfy

The Ossola Comfy climbingweek package will allow you to experience a holiday dedicated to sport and relaxation at the same time. Find out …

From 4 to 8 people

From 3 to 7 nights

Lead / Boulder

ClimbingWeek Italy – Ossola Comfy is the holiday package that combines unspoiled nature, mountain life, and climbing (especially) with the convenience of accommodation located in one of the most picturesque villages in the Ossola Valley.



June 2 – June 6 | 4 nights

climbing house + private rooms

4 – 8 people

440 €

places available

June 24 – June 27 | 3 nights

climbing house

4 – 8 people

360 €

places available

July 21 – July 24 | 3 nights

climbing house + private rooms

4 – 8 people

360 €

places available

9 September – 12 September | 3 nights

climbing house + private rooms

4 – 8 people

360 €

places available


July 24 – July 31 | 7 nights

climbing house +  private rooms

4 – 8 people

715 €

places available


You will stay in one of our Climbing houses, a cozy and characteristic mountain house equipped with all the necessary comforts: fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine, hairdryer, fireplace, TV. Located near bars and restaurants where you can delight yourself with the famous typical dishes, and why not, an authentic Neapolitan pizza!

In addition, if you’d prefer, you can choose to stay in a room with a private bathroom just a few minutes away from the climbing house. Don’t worry, even in this case you will not miss out on the sharing and lively atmosphere typical of our holidays.

Double rooms
rooms up to 4/5 bed

Shared bathroom
private bathroom on request

Equipped kitchen
Always available

Breakfast in the Climbinghouse

Barbecue area


Obviously, you will climb as hard as you can in the most fun and spectacular crags and bouldering spots of the area.
If this is the first time you are approaching climbing, if you don’t have your own equipment, or if you simply want to evolve your skills, you can buy a course with our professional mountain guide who will follow you step by step on this fantastic adventure.

But the Ossola Comfy climbing week, like all our packages, is not just climbing. In fact, we will give you the opportunity, if you wish, to experience all the possibilities and sports that this wonderful valley has to offer, such as canyoning, rafting, zip-lining, relaxing evenings at the spa, and much more!

You will hike through ravines, lakes, walk behind a waterfall, be totally immersed in nature, and once back home you will be welcomed by the scent of the barbecue in our garden, the warmth of the fireplace on cooler evenings, and by an excellent aperitif on the balcony.
And if we told you that we’d take you to a hot tub and a swimming place with a view of the valley? With the option of drinking cocktails and playing a game of beach volley? You don’t believe us? Well, test us!
We guarantee a unique experience, which you will share with a fantastic group of friends!

Sharing together the days, the mountains, climbing, love of nature, taking care of the environment, and our other million passions is one of the key points of ClimbingWeek.


Aperitivo in piscina




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