ClimbingWeek is the climbing holiday you are looking for!

ClimbingWeek is:
climbing, adventure, sharing, and fun.


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ClimbingWeek is the climbing holiday you are looking for!

With us you will have the opportunity to climb in the most beautiful spots with the confidence that only a local can give you; but it doesn’t end here… We will lead you on a journey in constant contact with nature,through daily treks we will accompany you on the discovery of breathtaking places in our mountains, we will offer you the opportunity to try new experiences or sports, such as careening off a mountain while hanging by a thread or diving into river rapids on a rubber dinghy.And lastly, who wouldn’t want to spend the evening relaxing in warm thermal waters after a day like this, or dining on appetizing traditional dishes?

In addition, you will have the opportunity to experience and share this climbing journey with people who have your same passions, because it’s known “happiness is only real when shared!”

All of this in complete respect of nature and the environment; one of the fundamental aspects of ClimbingWeek is taking care of the places we love and visit, through various initiatives that you will discover in your holiday with us.

Finally, ClimbingWeek is synonymous with safety. We decided to include comprehensive insurance in our holiday packages that will have your back at all times; from booking cancellations, to the most extreme sports!

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